Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Orange-breasted Trogon

This is the only probably confirmed picture of this bird in Sabah so far.Last seen this bird is at Langganan Waterfall trail in 1990,
and this year i manage to take a picture of this bird.Very elusive and consider very rare too
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Jordan Sitorus said...

Wow!tot taken fr fraser hill! Great.

borneoavifauna said...

Nope fraser's hill easy to look for but Sabah a bit difficult.This picture prove that the bird are around just a matter of time lah.

mikechong said...

Hi Andrew,

Very excellent to record this rare species and Long-tailed Broadbill in Sabah. Goes to show there are much more to be discovered in bird knowledge in Sabah and Malaysia!
Well done.

Mike Chong
Just visiting your blog bah.